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posted on 2023-09-18, 21:12 authored by Hao Zhang, Ziqi Ye, Jiabin Yan, Fan Shi, Zhiming Shi, Dabing Li, Yuhuai Liu, Hiroshi Amano, Yongjin Wang
The transmitter was injected with a constant current of 10 mA by a DC power. The electroluminescence UV light propagates along the waveguide to both ends. The light spot at the left gap maintained a constant brightness, reflecting that the transmitter was emitting a stable light. On the right, a modulated signal of 1 Hz square with amplitude from −8 V to 0 V was applied on the modulator, and the right spot was flashing with a frequency of 1 Hz. This video graphically shows the absorption modulation of UV light by the modulator.


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