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posted on 2023-09-25, 21:11 authored by Hao Zhang, Ziqi Ye, Jiabin Yan, Fan Shi, Zhiming Shi, Dabing Li, Yuhuai Liu, Hiroshi Amano, Yongjin Wang
Analog video signals were transmitted in real time from a conventional commercial camera and loaded onto the transmitter via Bias-T with a constant DC current of 20 mA. The transmitter not only transmitted the video signal by emission modulation but also simultaneously provided the light source for absorption modulation. The AWG loaded the prestored music signal onto the modulator, which operated in the reverse bias zone. The modulator changed the UV light signal through absorption modulation and was extracted by the receiver and subsequent circuits. At the same time, the video signal modulated via emission modulation was extracted through the monitor and the corresponding circuits.


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