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posted on 2020-09-10, 14:11 authored by Marie-Christine Zdora, Pierre Thibault, Willy Kuo, Vincent Fernandez, Hans Deyhle, Joan Vila-Comamala, Margie Olbinado, Alexander Rack, Peter Lackie, Orestis Katsamenis, Matthew Lawson, Vartan Kurtcuoglu, Christoph Rau, Franz Pfeiffer, Irene Zanette
Summary of the 3D virtual histology of the mouse kidney. The kidney is visualised from the outer renal capsule to the inner interconnected structures. The blood vessel network is revealed, starting from the large renal artery and vein branching into smaller vessels. A sagittal cut (partly false-coloured) through the 3D phase volume visualises the density differences between the various kidney regions, even the minute differences between the outer stripe of the outer medulla and the cortex. A small cubic volume of interest is selected in each of the kidney regions and the structural arrangement of the tubule network is visualised.


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