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Accurate and fast two-step phase shifting algorithm based on principle component analysis and Lissajous ellipse fitting with random phase shift and no pre-filtering

Version 2 2019-07-05, 16:43
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Posted on 2019-07-05 - 16:43
To achieve high measurement accuracy with less computational time in phase shifting interferometry, a random phase shifting algorithm based on principal component analysis and Lissajous ellipse fitting (PCA&LEF) is proposed, it doesn’t need pre-filtering, and can obtain relatively accurate phase distribution with only two phase shifted interferograms and less computational time, it is suitable for different background intensity, modulation amplitude distributions and noises, moreover, it can obtain absolutely accurate result when the background intensity and modulation amplitude are perfect, and can partly suppress the effect of imperfect background intensity and modulation amplitude, last but not least, it removes the restriction that PCA needs more than three interferograms with well distributed phase shifts to subtract relatively accurate mean. The simulations and experiments verify the correctness and feasibility of PCA&LEF.


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