Bandwidth optimization for the advanced volume holographic filter

Posted on 2021-12-23 - 21:18
The high angular and spectral selectivity of volume holograms have been used in fields like astronomy, spectroscopy, microscopy, and optical communications to perform spatial filtering and wavefront selection. In particular, imaging systems that utilize volume holograms to perform range-based wavefront selection have allowed for the potential to have full 24-hour observational custody of artificial satellites by enabling daytime observations. We previously introduced the Advanced Volume Holographic Filter (AVHF) which demonstrated a significant system bandwidth improvement while maintaining high angular selectivity. Presented here is a theoretical basis for maximizing the bandwidth of the AVHF systems. We experimentally demonstrate an improvement of 40.7-41.4x compared to the un-optimized AVHF systems.


Alcaraz, Pedro; Nero, Gregory; Blanche, Pierre-Alexandre (2021): Bandwidth optimization for the advanced volume holographic filter. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Pedro Alcaraz
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Pierre-Alexandre Blanche


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