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Broadband near-ultraviolet dual comb spectroscopy

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The highly energetic photons of ultraviolet light drive electronic and rovibronic transitions in all molecular species. This radiation is thus a prime tool for strongly selective spectroscopic fingerprinting and real-time environmental monitoring if broad spectral coverage, short acquisition times and high spectral resolution is achieved – requirements that are in mutual competition in traditional applications. As a novel approach with intrinsic potency in all three aspects, here we introduce ultraviolet dual comb spectroscopy using two broadband ultraviolet frequency combs centered at 871 THz and covering a spectral bandwidth of 35.7 THz. Within a 100 µs acquisition time window, we obtain rotational state-resolved absorption spectra of formaldehyde, a prototype molecule with high relevance for laser spectroscopy and environmental sciences. To our knowledge, this is the first realization of dual comb spectroscopy in the ultraviolet spectral region and a pioneering tool to allow for real-time monitoring of the trinity of rovibronic excitations.


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