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Broadband tunable laser and infrared camouflage by wavelength-selective scattering metamaterial with radiative thermal management

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Posted on 2024-02-09 - 21:28
Metamaterial-based multispectral (including infrared and multiple laser) camouflage compatible with non-atmospheric window radiative cooling is effective for low observability against multiple detection means. However, simultaneously achieving low reflectance in non-atmospheric window band and broadband laser scattering, especially for broadband tunable long-wave infrared laser, remains challenging. This paper proposes a wavelength-selective scattering metamaterial (WSSM) that realizes effective camouflage for mid-wave infrared (MWIR), long-wave infrared (LWIR), broadband tunable LWIR laser, and near-infrared (NIR) lasers. Moreover, the WSSM achieves radiative cooling in non-atmospheric window (5-8 μm). The simulated emissivity is 0.19/0.20 in MWIR and LWIR bands, while 0.54 in non-atmospheric window band that ensures radiative cooling. The WSSM also achieves low specular reflectance (4.35%) in 8-12 μm for broadband tunable laser camouflage, together with low reflectance at 1.06 μm and 1.55 μm. The thermal simulation is also conducted, demonstrating that the WSSM has a surface temperature decrement of 12.6 °C compared to conventional low-emissivity reference at heated temperature of 400 °C due to selective emission. The radiation temperatures have a reduction of 37%/64% than the real surface temperature in MWIR and LWIR bands. This work achieves multispectral compatible camouflage by regulating specular reflection and scattering, providing a novel approach for manipulating electromagnetic waves.


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