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Cascaded Optically Injection-locked Semiconductor Laser, Rate Equations Analysis, Frequency Response, and Its Application for Complex Optical Signal Generation

Posted on 2023-09-18 - 18:37
In this paper, we introduce the concept of the cascaded optically injection-locked (OIL) semiconductor laser and present its novel rate equations. Then, the new locking range for this configuration has been obtained by mathematical demonstration. Subsequently, we modified a new adjustment for the detuning frequencies (𝛥f_inj) of the cascaded OIL system as well as the linewidth enhancement factors (α) values. Utilizing these tunings, improvements in the steady-state photon number and the phase modulation (PM) range become possible. Afterward, we define the generation of the complex optical signal area and extract the transfer function for investigating the frequency response of the cascaded system. The simulations have been performed once with identical α values and once with the various α values in the slave laser (SL) stages. We conclude that these novel proposed adjustments, combined with a strong injection ratio (R_inj) of 15 dB and a high bias current, can significantly broaden the bandwidth near 700 GHz while maintaining the fair gain available up to 180 GHz. Further, the generation of complex optical signal areas has been boosted for high-quality complex modulation applications. Eventually, we exhibit a novel approach for generating different α values in the SL stages by applying managed temperature variations in the experimental setup of the cascaded system, regardless of employing similar SLs.


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