Circular-dichroism enantiomers assisted Full-Poincaré Polarization wavefront manipulation metasurface

Posted on 23.11.2021 - 18:05
The manipulation of the wave-front with versatile vectorial polarization channels has intrigued huge attention in many fields, including encryption, detection, and vectorial hologram. However, there still lacks an efficient method to adequately achieve vectorial beams at will. As an exotic phenomenon, circular dichroism(CD) becomes an alternative strategy to overcome this academic challenge. Here, a scheme based on CD enantiomers to customize arbitrary vectorial beams in K-space is proposed. The strategy is illustrated with analytical calculations on the checkerboard-type arrangement to establish a concise relationship between the Full-Poincaré Polarization (FPP) and CD-based orientation enantiomers. On this basis, to expand its potential in practical applications, here we combine the genetic algorithm(GA) with a gradient optimization algorithm. Four beams with left-handed, right-handed, linear, and 5-axial-ratio left-handed-elliptic polarizations with the energy ratio of 7:8:9:10 are achieved as the proof of principle. Hence, this proposed paradigm could manipulate arbitrary vectorial beams and has great significance in multi-polarized distribution radio communications, encryption, and vector-holographic imaging.


Cheng, Yang; li, Yongfeng; wang, he; Wang, Jiafu; Wan, Weipeng; Yuan, Qi; et al. (2021): Circular-dichroism enantiomers assisted Full-Poincaré Polarization wavefront manipulation metasurface. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Yang Cheng
Yongfeng li
he wang
Jiafu Wang
Weipeng Wan
Qi Yuan
Lin Zheng
Jieqiu Zhang
Shaobo Qu


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