Controlling spatial coherence with an optical complex medium

Posted on 23.11.2021 - 18:02
Control over optical spatial coherence is a key requirement in diverse applications including imaging, optical trapping, and communications. Current approaches to controlling spatial coherence are constrained by speed or limited to a single pair of optical fields. Here, we propose a method to achieve single-shot control of the spatial coherence between an arbitrary number of fields. Our method employs a multi-port linear optical device, which we realize by shaping the wavefront of the input light fields and transmitting them through a complex medium. To demonstrate the capabilities of our method, we experimentally realize a 3x3-port system and use it to generate three output beams with desired mutual correlations.


Nardi, Alfonso; Tebbenjohanns, Felix; Rossi, Massimiliano; Divitt, Shawn; Norrman, Andreas; Gigan, Sylvain; et al. (2021): Controlling spatial coherence with an optical complex medium. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Alfonso Nardi
Felix Tebbenjohanns
Massimiliano Rossi
Shawn Divitt
Andreas Norrman
Sylvain Gigan
Martin Frimmer
Lukas Novotny


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