Dual-channel graphene-based optical metasurface switch at telecommunication wavelengths

Posted on 2023-03-10 - 17:40
We theoretically present the concept of a dual-channel optical metasurface switch, operating at the telecommunication wavelengths of 1.53 μm and 1.57 μm. The switching exploits two Fano resonant peaks produced by two pairs of asymmetric silicon nano-bars stacked vertically- with each pair acting as optical resonators. We have explored two types of asymmetricity in silicon nano-bars viz. asymmetry in width and length. The Fano resonances of these silicon nano-bars could be tuned independently between ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ states by changing the Fermi potential (Ef) of the graphene sheet placed beneath each optical resonator. Transmission greater than 55% at a potential of Ef =0.75 eV refers to the switch in the ON state, and less than 55% refers to switch in the OFF state for Ef =0 eV. We also demonstrate four possible combinations of the optical switch viz. “ON-ON, ON-OFF, OFF-ON, OFF-OFF” depending on the potential applied to the corresponding graphene sheet. The contrast ratio is 12.54 dB and 18.42 dB for the two switches at 1.53 μm and 1.57 μm respectively.


KUMARI, RASHMI; Sharma, Shubhanshi; Varshney, Shailendra; Lahiri, Basudev (2023): Dual-channel graphene-based optical metasurface switch at telecommunication wavelengths. Optica Publishing Group. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.6427229.v2
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Journal of the Optical Society of America B


Shubhanshi Sharma
Shailendra Varshney
Basudev Lahiri



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