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Fourier-domain filtering analysis for color-polarization camera demosaicking

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We review Fourier-domain methods for demosaicking Bayer-filter color cameras and monochrome polarization cameras, and then generalize the approach for the quad-Bayer filter mosaic, and for color polarization cameras. For each of these four mosaic filter types, we provide theoretical expressions for the sampling functions, the Fourier-domain channels, and the linear combination of reconstructed channels (the demosaicking algorithm) needed to estimate the input (pre-sampled) image. A useful advantage of the Fourier-domain approach is that it provides a direct means of visualizing and quantifying when aliasing is likely or unlikely to be present. For the Bayer and quad-Bayer filter types, we provide simulated images, while for the polarization camera types we provide experimental images and videos to illustrate the algorithm.


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