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Fourier analysis in single photon imaging

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Single photon imaging has become an established sensing approach. Compared to intensity imaging, versatile advantages has been demonstrated such as imaging with high sensitivity, at high frame rate and with high dynamic range. In this paper, we investigate the Fourier analysis of single photon counting at a frame rate of approximately 100 kHz and high spatial resolution of 512 px × 512 px. We observed signal modulation in raw data as well as in data converted to photon flux, but with the data processing the signal’s frequency response is affected by significant damping. Thus, analysis sensible to signal frequency should work on the raw single photon counting signal. Furthermore, imaging of magnitude and phase in the Fourier domain can visualize areas of certain signal modulation and the gradient of the phase angle can reveal the direction of movements. Finally, we have applied our method to real world scenarios by analyzing unmanned aerial vehicle’s motion in outdoor experiments.


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