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High-brightness hybrid compressive light field display with improved image quality

Posted on 2023-11-21 - 00:10
Previous LCD-based multiplicative compressive light field (CLF) display has the trade-off between the brightness and the depth of field (DOF). In this paper, we propose a hybrid CLF display using a reflective polarizer and RGB mini-LED panel. By the polarization-multiplexing and the reflector dam (RD) designed on the mini-LED panel, the proposed system can preserve high brightness while enhancing the depth of field. Then, a light field decomposition algorithm is proposed to improve the image quality by the depth segmentation and the high redundancy. Compared to the conventional hybrid CLF display, the brightness of the proposed system reaches 348 nits and the reconstruction quality achieves structural similarity index measure (SSIM) improvement by 0.12. The optical experiments also demonstrate that the proposed method could achieve a higher brightness, larger depth of field and higher image quality.


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Liming Zhu
Qiyang Chen
Tao Chen
Guoqiang Lv
Qibin Feng
Wang Zi
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