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High-throughput sorting of nanoparticles with light-patterned dielectrophoresis force

Posted on 2023-11-21 - 03:13
We present a size-based sorting method for nanoparticles in microfluidics with the aid of light-patterned dielectrophoresis (DEP) force. In a microfluidic channel, we have succeeded in manipulating a random distribution of particles into a single stream with the DEP force as well as the hydrodynamic force, and more strikingly the DEP force is found to be size-dependent, implicating that we can precisely separate nanoparticles based on their sizes even if they are identical in mass. We have numerically predicted the behavior of sorting nanoparticles, emphasizing on the size, velocity and electrical permittivity, so as to know their influences on the effective sorting, particularly in terms of high throughput. Our work confirms that the novel manipulation of nanoparticle features its flexibility as well as high throughput.


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Yuheng Qiu
Shan Wei
Jiachang Li
Zihao Zhang
Lei Gong
Liqun He
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