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High contrast thermal deflectometry using long-wave infrared time-modulated integrating cavity

Posted on 2019-09-23 - 15:19
We introduce a scalable temporally modulated long-wave infrared source design. The design makes use of an array of resistive blackbody heating elements which radiate into a custom aluminum integrating cavity. The output of the box is a rectangular slit, built to match the traditional tungsten ribbon profile for an infrared deflectometry source. Temporal modulation allows for signal isolation and improved resilience to background fluctuations in an infrared deflectometry source. Infrared deflectometry measurements using the new source design and a traditional tungsten ribbon, both with similar radiant flux, were compared for a ground glass surface, an aluminum blank, and an aluminum blank under thermal load (150 °C). Signal-to-noise ratio was ~4 times higher for the new design and demonstrated improved source temporal stability and geometry. Further, the new design successfully measured the previously untestable hot aluminum flat. The new design improves infrared deflectometry and allows for high contrast thermal deflectometry measurements of optics under thermal load.


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Logan Graves
Henry Quach
John Koshel
Chang Jin Oh
Dae Wook Kim
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