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Imaging fine structures of the human trabecular meshwork in vivo using a custom design goniolens and OCT gonioscopy

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The trabecular meshwork (TM), located within the iridocorneal angle, is a target for many glaucoma treatments aimed at controlling intraocular pressure. However, structural variations between individuals are poorly understood. We propose a newly designed gonioscopic lens optimized for high-resolution imaging to image fine structures of the human TM in vivo. The body of the new lens is index-matched to the human cornea and includes a choice of two gonioscopic mirrors (59° and 63°) and matching air-spaced doublets placed on the anterior surface of the goniolens. The new design allows a diffraction-limited image plane at the iridocorneal angle structures. The goniolens design was built and then placed on the subjects´ eyes coupled to the cornea with goniogel and a 3D adjustable mount. Images were obtained using a commercially available OCT device (Heidelberg™ Spectralis). The optical resolution was measured in a model eye as 40.32 and 45.25 cy/mm respectively for each mirror angle. In humans, dense OCT scans with minimum spacing oriented tangential to the iris and ICA were performed on 7 healthy subjects (23-73 yrs). The TM was successfully imaged in all subjects. The custom goniolens improved the contrast of the uveoscleral meshwork structures and corneoscleral meshwork revealing limbus parallel striations, not visible with previous goniolens designs. Transverse OCT images were constructed along the segmentation line, providing an enface image of the TM structures including corneoscleral beams, previously only imaged in vivo using custom adaptive optics systems.


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