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Mesoscopic oblique plane microscopy via light-sheet mirroring

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Understanding the intricate interplay and inter-connectivity of biological processes across an entire organism is important in various fields of biology, including cardiovascular research, neuroscience, and developmental biology. Here, we present a mesoscopic oblique plane microscope (OPM) that enables whole organism imaging with high speed and subcellular resolution. A microprism underneath the sample enhances the axial resolution and optical sectioning through total internal reflection of the light-sheet. Through rapid refocusing of the light-sheet, the imaging depth is extended up to threefold while keeping the axial resolution constant. Using low magnification objectives with a large field of view, we realize mesoscopic imaging over a volume of 3.7x1.5x1 mm³ with ~2.3 microns lateral and ~9.2 microns axial resolution. Applying the mesoscopic OPM, we demonstrate in vivo and in toto whole organism imaging of the zebrafish vasculature and its endothelial nuclei, and blood flow dynamics at 12 Hz acquisition rate, resulting in a quantitative map of blood flow across the entire organism.


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