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MetaHDR: Single Shot High-Dynamic Range Imaging and Sensing using a Multifunctional Metasurface

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We present MetaHDR, which is a single-shot high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging and sensing system using a multifunctional metasurface. The metasurface is capable of splitting an incident beam into multiple focusing beams with different amounts of power, simultaneously forming multiple low dynamic range (LDR) images with distinct irradiance on a photosensor. Then, the LDR images are jointly processed using a gradient-based HDR fusion algorithm, which is shown to be effective in attenuating the residual light artifacts incurred by the metasurface and the lens flare. MetaHDR achieves single-shot HDR photography and videography that increases the dynamic range by at least 50 dB compared to the original dynamic range of the photosensor. It can also perform single-shot HDR sensing, including reflectance calibration and surface curvature estimation of reflective materials. MetaHDR's demonstrated functionalities could be broadly applied in surveillance and security, microscopic imaging, advanced manufacturing, etc.


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