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Meter scale and sub-second resolution coherent Doppler wind lidar and hyperfine wind observation

Posted on 2022-06-22 - 13:45
Hyperfine wind structure detection is important for aerodynamic and aviation safety. Pulse coherent Doppler wind Lidar (PCDWL) is a widespread wind remote sensing method with tunable spatial and temporal resolutions. However, meter scale and sub-second resolution are still challenging for PCDWL. This is because of the constraints between short laser pulse duration, spectral broadening, detection accuracy, and real-time processing. In this letter, to further improve the spatial and temporal resolution of PCDWL, we optimize the optical design of a nanosecond fiber laser and telescope and adopt a new algorithm called even-order derivative peak sharpening technique. During the experiment, an all-fiber PCDWL with spatial and temporal resolutions of 3 m and 0.1 s, respectively, is demonstrated. The two-day continuous observation of the wakes of the Chinese high-speed train shows detailed hyperfine wind structures. This is similar to the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation.


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Chen Liang
Chong Wang
Xianghui Xue
Xiankang Dou
Tingdi Chen
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