Mode-locking threshold decrease in fiber laser by heterochromic optical pulse injection

Posted on 05.08.2022 - 21:42
A Yb-doped fiber laser mode locked by nonlinear amplifying loop mirror with figure-9 configuration is experimentally realized. By coupling heterochromic 1580-nm optical pulses into the circular part of the Yb-doped laser oscillator, a new injection-induced Q-switched mode locking-like transition state is found for the first time to the best of our knowledge. We have investigated the envelope interval and duration of this Q-switched envelope by changing the pump power, injection power and cavity length detuning. Experimental results have shown the injected pulses serve as a complementary source for establishing mode-locking. As a result, self-starting mode-locking threshold of the Yb-doped fiber laser is significantly reduced from 355 mW to 171 mW, which is only a half of that in the non-injection case. This optical pulse injection assisted mode-locking process is observed with a real-time oscilloscope, revealing stable and consistent build-up dynamics. Our finding may provide a new approach for understanding the build-up dynamics and building mode-locked fiber laser with low threshold and high consistency.


Yang, Kangwen; Li, Jiaying; Wu, Jiamei; Hu, An; Hao, Qiang; Peng, Junsong; et al. (2022): Mode-locking threshold decrease in fiber laser by heterochromic optical pulse injection. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Kangwen Yang
Jiaying Li
Jiamei Wu
An Hu
Qiang Hao
Junsong Peng
Kun Huang
Heping Zeng
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