Monitoring sidewall tilting of pixelated nanogratings in 3D display

Posted on 2023-01-24 - 00:25
Sidewall tilting is an important parameter to describe the grating morphology and would affect the diffraction efficiency of three-dimensional (3D) display devices based on pixelated nanogratings. However, there is currently a lack of a non-destructive measurement method that can accurately measure the sidewall tilting of the pixelated nanogratings. This is mainly because the kind of nanograting is manufactured in a micron-scale pixel region and the grating lines generally have various directions to ensure that the display device can display images smoothly. In this work, we propose to use a self-developed imaging Mueller matrix ellipsometry (IMME) to monitor sidewall tilting of pixelated nanogratings. Simulation and experiments were carried out to characterize the sidewall tilting angle. Through the combination of Mueller matrix elements, we can quickly and qualitatively identify the tilt angle for the purpose of on-line quality monitoring of the device. Through the inverse calculation of the Mueller matrix, we can accurately and quantitatively obtain the value of the tilting, so as to meet the demands of the device design. It is expected the proposed method can provide guidance for the identification and detection of tilting in 3D display elements based on pixelated gratings.


Chen, Chao; Chen, Xiuguo; Sheng, Sheng; Xia, Zhongwen; Shi, Jiacheng; Qiao, Wen; et al. (2023): Monitoring sidewall tilting of pixelated nanogratings in 3D display. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Chao Chen
Xiuguo Chen
Sheng Sheng
Zhongwen Xia
Jiacheng Shi
Wen Qiao
Shiyuan Liu


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