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Multiplexing of bias-controlled modulation modes on a monolithic III-nitride optoelectronic chip

Posted on 2023-09-25 - 21:12
GaN optoelectronic chips have tremendous potential for developing integrated computing and communication systems with low power consumption. The monolithic, top-down approaches are advantageous for simplifying the fabrication process, and reducing the corresponding manufacturing cost. Herein, an ultraviolet optical interconnection system is investigated to discover the way of multiplexing between emission and absorption modulations on a monolithic GaN chip. All on-chip components, transmitter, monitor, waveguide, modulator and receiver, share the same quantum well structure. As an example, two bias-controlled modulation modes are used to modulate video and audio signals in the experiment presented in this paper. The results show that our GaN on-chip optoelectronic system works efficiently in the near ultraviolet band, revealing the potential breadth of GaN optoelectronic integration.


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Hao Zhang
Ziqi Ye
Jiabin Yan
Fan Shi
Zhiming Shi
Dabing Li
Yuhuai Liu
Hiroshi Amano
yongjin wang
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