Non-interferometric key recording applied to a joint transform cryptosystem

Posted on 2023-01-24 - 22:00
In this letter, we propose an opto-digital cryptosystem based on the joint transform correlator architecture without the need for a reference beam, phase shifting techniques or an additional window in the input plane. In this system, only two intensity recordings are necessary: the intensity of the key Fourier transform and the joint power spectrum between the key and an arbitrary object in contact with a random phase mask. Combining them with the knowledge of their respective input modules, we implemented a modified Gerchberg–Saxton algorithm to recover the phase associated with the encryption key. The validity of our approach is demonstrated by computer simulations and experimental results.


Castrillon, Carlos Vargas; Velez-Zea, Alejandro; Ramírez, John Barrera (2023): Non-interferometric key recording applied to a joint transform cryptosystem. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Carlos Vargas Castrillon
Alejandro Velez-Zea
John Barrera Ramírez


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