On-chip ultracompact multimode vortex beam emitter based on vertical modes

Posted on 21.09.2022 - 20:10
Free-space orbital angular momentum (OAM) communication is considered as one of the potential alternative on-chip optical interconnect solutions. The number of OAM modes determines the capacity of high-speed communication. However, existing integrated vortex beam emitters have a constraint relationship between the number of OAM modes and the emitter size, rendering it difficult to emit more OAM modes with a small-sized emitter. In view of the above, this study proposes an on-chip ultracompact multimode vortex beam emitter based on vertical modes, which permits more OAM modes without requiring an increase in the size of the emitter. Vertical modes in large-aspect-ratio waveguides are pointed out to enable multimode microrings with small radii because high-order vertical modes can maintain almost the same horizontal wave vector as that of the fundamental mode. Four-mode and five-mode vortex beam emitters with the same radius of 1.5 μm are designed and the effectiveness of these emitters is verified through simulation. Furthermore, a high-efficiency and low-crosstalk approach for high-order vertical mode coupling by varying the waveguide height is presented. This research not only promotes further integration of on-chip optical interconnection, but also provides a new strategy for optical waveguide mode selection in photonic integrated circuits design.


Wei, Zeyong; Li, Shuqiao; Xie, Lingyun; deng, xiao; Wang, Zhanshan; Cheng, Xinbin (2022): On-chip ultracompact multimode vortex beam emitter based on vertical modes. Optica Publishing Group. Collection. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.c.6197416.v2
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Zeyong Wei
Shuqiao Li
Lingyun Xie
xiao deng
Zhanshan Wang
Xinbin Cheng


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