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Oxygenation Heterogeneity Facilitates Spatiotemporal Flow Pattern Visualization Inside Human Blood Vessels Using Photoacoustic Computed Tomography

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Hemodynamics can be explored through various biomedical imaging techniques. However, observing transient spatiotemporal variations in the saturation of oxygen (sO₂) within human blood vessels proves challenging with conventional methods. In this study, we employed photoacoustic computed tomography (PACT) to reconstruct the evolving spatiotemporal patterns in a human vein. Through analysis of the multi-wavelength photoacoustic (PA) spectrum, we illustrated the dynamic distribution within blood vessels. Additionally, we computationally rendered the dynamic process of venous blood flowing into the major vein and entering a branching vessel. Notably, we successfully recovered, in real time, the parabolic wavefront profile of laminar flow inside a deep vein in vivo—a first-time achievement. While the study is preliminary, the demonstrated capability of dynamic sO₂ imaging holds promise for new applications in biology and medicine.


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