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Plasmonic enhanced piezoelectric photoresponse with flexible PVDF@Ag-ZnO/Au composite nanofiber membranes

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The coordination of piezoelectric and plasmonic effect to regulate the separation and migration of photo-generated carriers is still a significant method to improve the performance of visible-light photoresponse. Herein, we propose the PVDF@Ag-ZnO/Au composite nanofiber membranes utilizing the piezoelectric and plasmonic effect to promote the photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes. Here, ZnO nanorods can generate a built-in electric field under vibration to separate electron-hole pairs. The Schottky junction formed by noble metal/semiconductor can not only inhibit the recombination of photo-generated carriers and accelerate the migration of carriers, but also enhance the utilization of visible light. In addition, the structure has excellent flexibility and easy recycling characteristics. We demonstrate that the plasmonic effect of noble metal can enhance the light response of membranes and broaden light absorption from ultraviolet to visible light region. With the help of the the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), modulation effect of piezoelectric effect on light response is proved. For catalytic processes, rhodamine B (98.8%) can be almost completely degraded using PVDF@Ag-ZnO/Au within 120 minutes in the piezoelectric photocatalysis process, which is 2.2 and 2.8 times higher than photocatalysis and piezoelectric catalysis, respectively. This work provides a promising strategy for harnessing solar and mechanical energy.


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