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Polarization-sensitive UV photodetector based on ReSe2/GaN mixed-dimensional heterojunction

Posted on 2023-11-18 - 20:15
Polarization-sensitive photodetectors in the ultraviolet (UV) region have been favored for their great meaning in the field of military and civilian. UV photodetectors based on GaN have aroused much attention due to high photocurrent, high sensitivity. However, the dependence on external power sources and the limited sensitivity to polarized UV light significantly impede the practical application of these photodetectors in UV-polarized photodetection. Herein, a polarization-sensitive UV photodetector based on ReSe2/GaN mixed-dimensional van der Waals (vdWs) heterojunction is proposed. Owing to the high-quality junction and type-II band alignment, the responsivity and specific detectivity reach values of 870 mA/W and 6.8×1011 Jones, under 325 nm illumination, respectively. Furthermore, thanks to the strong in-plane anisotropy of ReSe2, the device is highly sensitive to polarized UV light with a photocurrent anisotropic ratio up to 6.67. The findings are expected to bring new opportunities for the development of highly sensitive, high-speed and energy-efficient polarization-sensitive photodetectors.


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Optics Letters


Yuheng Sang
Mengmeng Yang
Mingjun Xu
Jianming Huang
Liang Jian
Wei Gao
Yiming Sun
zhaoqiang zheng
Yong Yan
Jingbo Li


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