Probing the mode-locking pattern in the parameter space of a Figure-9 laser

Posted on 13.05.2022 - 21:09
Due to the many available cavity configurations, a generalized approach for identifying the optimal operating state of a Figure-9 mode-locked laser has proved a challenge. In this letter, we probed the output pulsation states of an exemplary Figure-9 laser by meticulously scanning its parameter space. Regions corresponding to mode-locked operations are identified periodically in the map of the output states. We correlate these regions to a set of band-like cavity transmission functions, which fundamentally allow ultra-short pulse formation. Interestingly, a clear correlation between the mode-locking pattern and the cavity configuration is observed. For example, with the decrease of the fiber loop symmetry in the cavity, half of the solutions in the mode-locking pattern are found to transit to forbidden states. Numerical calculations based on Jones Matrix is used to explain the experimental observations. In addition, the dynamic change of the map of output states is illustrated by using a setup with automatic algorithm. Our results provide a visually rich yet simple way for evaluating and optimizing a Figure-9 laser.


Li, Jiahe; Jiang, Weiqi; Meng, Yafei; Wang, Fengqiu (2022): Probing the mode-locking pattern in the parameter space of a Figure-9 laser. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Jiahe Li
Weiqi Jiang
Yafei Meng
Fengqiu Wang
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