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Rapidly tunable orbital angular momentum (OAM) system for higher order Bessel beams integrated in time (HOBBIT)

Posted on 2019-02-04 - 21:42
Beams with fast and continuously-tunable orbital angular momentum (OAM) have potential applications in classical and quantum optical communications, sensing, and in the study of beam propagation through turbulence. This work introduces a novel concept to dynamically control fractional and integer OAM states in the form of asymmetric gaussian weighted Higher Order Bessel Beams integrated in Time. This elegant approach combines an acousto-optical deflector (AOD) with a well-studied log-polar optical transformation. By combining the two technologies, a system is realized that generates both fractional and integer asymmetric Bessel Gaussian Beams with high efficiency and speeds in excess of 400 kHz.


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Wenzhe Li
Kaitlyn Morgan
Yuan Li
Keith Miller
Graham White
Joseph Watkins
Eric Johnson
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