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Sensing and excitation of optical channels in dynamic atmospheric turbulence using OAM beamlets for improved power and data transmission

Posted on 2022-12-15 - 15:01
Propagation of laser light is distorted in the presence of atmospheric turbulence. This poses an issue for sensing, free-space optical communications, and transmission of power. The presented system offers a novel solution to mitigate the effects of turbulence. By rapidly probing a turbulent volume by varying a beam’s spatial and phase characteristics, the best transmission mode can be determined and updated in real time. Unlike a traditional tip-tilt system, this scheme is fully electronic, and has a scalable architecture to leverage multiple optical transmission paths simultaneously. This optical control system greatly improves power efficiency and successful recovery of data through environments with strong turbulence.


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Martyn Lemon
Evan Robertson
Justin Free
Kunjian Dai
Keith Miller
Liam Vanderschaaf
Michael Cox
Joseph Watkins
Eric Johnson
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