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Shadows of structured beams in lenslike media

Posted on 2023-11-16 - 19:14
The self-healing phenomenon of structured light beams has been comprehensively investigated for its important role in various applications including optical tweezing, superresolution imaging, and optical communication. However, for different structured beams, there are different explanations for the self-healing effect, and a unified theory has not yet been formed. Here we report both theoretically and experimentally a study of the self-healing effect of structured beams in lenslike media, this is, inhomogeneous lenslike media with a quadratic gradient index. By observing the appearance of a number of shadows of obstructed structured wave fields it has been demonstrated that their self-healing in inhomogeneous media are the result of superposition of fundamental traveling waves. We have found that self-healing of structured beams occurs in this medium and, interestingly enough, that the shadows created in the process present sinusoidal propagating characteristics as determined by the geometrical ray theory in lenslike media. This work provides a new inhomogenous environment to explain the self-healing effect and is expected to deepen understanding of the physical mechanism.


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Junhui Jia
Haolin Lin
Shenhe Fu
Jesús Gomez-Correa
Zhen Li
Zhenqiang Chen
Sabino Chavez-Cerda
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