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Single-shot lensless masked imaging with enhanced self-calibrated phase retrieval

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Posted on 2024-07-10 - 12:12
Single-shot lensless imaging with a binary amplitude mask enables a low-cost and miniaturized configuration for wavefield recovery. However, the mask only allows part of wavefield to be captured, and thus the inverse decoding process becomes a highly ill-posed problem. Here we propose an enhanced self-calibrated phase retrieval method to realize single-shot joint recovery of mask distribution and sample’s wavefront. In our method, a sparse regularized phase retrieval algorithm is designed to calibrate the mask distribution. Then, a denoising regularized phase retrieval algorithm is constructed to reconstruct the wavefront of sample. Compared to conventional single-shot methods, our method shows robust and flexible image recovery. Experimental results of different samples are given to demonstrate the superiority of our method.


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