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Spatio-Temporal Controlled Filamentation Using Higher Order Bessel-Gaussian Beams Integrated in Time (HOBBIT)

Posted on 2021-06-07 - 14:01
We demonstrate a new method for a systematic, dynamic, high-speed, spatio-temporal control of femtosecond light filamentation in BK7 as a particular example of nonlinear medium. This method is based on using coherent conjugate asymmetric Bessel Gaussian beams to control the far-field intensity distribution and in turn control the filamentation location. Such spatio-temporal control allows every femtosecond pulse to have a unique intensity distribution that results in the generation of structured filamentation patterns on demand. The switching speed of this technique is dependent on the rise time of the acousto-optic deflector, which can operate in the MHz range while having the ability to handle high peak power pulses that are needed for nonlinear interactions. The proposed and demonstrated spatio-temporal control of structured filaments can enable generation of large filament arrays, opto-mechanical manipulations of water droplets for fog clearing, as well as engineered radiofrequency plasma antennas.


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