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Stretch tuning of dispersion in optical microfibers

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Dispersion management is vital for nonlinear optics and ultrafast lasers. We demonstrate that group velocity dispersion (GVD, or β₂) and group delay dispersion (GDD) in optical microfibers can be tuned simply by stretch due to its remarkable features of small diameter and diameter-dependent dispersion. We experimentally demonstrate that a pulling force of just a few mN would elongate optical microfibers by up to 5%, bringing a significant change in β₂ and GDD. This change can be increment or decrement, lying on the diameter of optical microfibers. Therefore, ~10-cm-long optical microfibers would provide a GDD change of ~10⁴ fs² when elongated by 5%, well in the elastic limit. Remarkably, this change is equivalent to the GDD (not GDD change) provided by 0.5-m-long single-mode fiber. Experimental results and simulations show that the GDD change is due to the interplay between elongation, diameter shrink and refractive index decrease. Benefited from the easy manipulation, tiny pulling force required and full integration with conventional optical fibers, stretch tuning of dispersion in optical microfibers would find applications in dispersion management for ultrafast lasers and nonlinear optics.


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