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Structuring of Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells for Reduced Reflectance and Thermalization Losses

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Perovskite-Silicon tandem solar cells have made rapid progress in the last decade. Still, they suffer from multiple loss channels, one of them being optical losses including reflection and thermalization. In this study, the effect of structures at the Air-Perovskite and Perovskite-Silicon interface of the tandem solar cell stack on these two loss channels are evaluated. Regarding reflectance, every structure evaluated led to a reduction relative to the optimized planar stack. The best combination of structures evaluated led to a maximum reduction of 2.1 mA/cm2 compared to a total reflection of 3.1 mA/cm2 for the planar reference stack. Additionally, nanostructured interfaces can lead to a reduction in thermalization losses by enhancing the absorptance in the Perovskite sub-cell close to the bandgap. Here, the largest benefit was obtained using a structure at the upper inter-face. The best result yielded an increase of absolute 12 % absorption in Perovskite at 700 nm close to its bandgap. A comparison to a tandem solar cell using a fully textured approach with random pyramids on silicon shows potential benefits for the suggested nanostructured approach regarding thermalization losses, while reflectance is reduced at a similar level.


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