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Temporally and longitudinally tailored dynamic space-time wave packets

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In general, space-time wave packets with correlations between transverse spatial fields and temporal frequency spectra can lead to unique spatiotemporal dynamics, thus enabling control of the instantaneous light properties. However, spatiotemporal dynamics generated in previous approaches manifest themselves at a given propagation distance yet not arbitrarily tailored longitudinally. Here, we propose and demonstrate a new versatile class of judiciously synthesized wave packets whose spatiotemporal evolution can be arbitrarily engineered to take place at various predesigned distances along the longitudinal propagation path. Spatiotemporal synthesis is achieved by introducing a 2-dimensional spectrum comprising both temporal and longitudinal wavenumbers associated with specific transverse Bessel-Gaussian fields. The resulting spectra are then employed to produce wave packets evolving in both time and axial distance – in full accord with the theoretical analysis. In this respect, various light degrees of freedom can be independently manipulated, such as intensity, polarization, and transverse spatial distribution (e.g., orbital angular momentum). Through a temporal-longitudinal frequency comb spectrum, we simulate the synthesis of the aforementioned wave packet properties, indicating a decrease in relative error compared to the desired phenomena as more spectral components are incorporated. Additionally, we experimentally demonstrate tailorable spatiotemporal fields carrying time- and longitudinal-varying orbital angular momentum, such that the local topological charge evolves every ~1 ps in the time domain and 10 cm axially. We believe that our space-time wave packets can significantly expand the exploration of spatiotemporal dynamics in the longitudinal dimension. Such wave packets might potentially enable novel applications in light-matter interactions and nonlinear optics.


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