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Tunable directional filter for mid-infrared optical transmission switching

Posted on 2022-10-11 - 18:30
Controlling the spectral and angular response of infrared (IR) radiation is a challenging task of paramount importance to various emerging photonic applications. Here, a new design of a tunable narrowband directional optical transmission filter is proposed and analyzed. The presented thermally controlled multilayer filter leverages the temperature dependent phase change properties of vanadium dioxide (VO2) to enable efficient and reversible optical switching by using a pump-probe laser excitation setup. More specifically, transmission is blocked for high intensity probe lasers due to the VO2 metallic properties induced at elevated temperatures while at low probe laser intensities high transmission through the filter occurs only for a narrowband IR range confined to near normal incident angles. The proposed multilayer composite dielectric filter is expected to have applications in thermal sensing and imaging, where it can act as a thermally sensitive detector with precise incident power and angle selectivity.


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Andrew Butler
Jack Schulz
Christos Argyropoulos


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