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Ultrasound in Solids: How to use laser feedback interferometry to visualize elastic waves

Posted on 2023-09-18 - 18:36
The use of ultrasonic elastic waves is a well established technique for non-destructive testing of materials and structures, in particular to exploit the interaction of waves with structural features to detect and characterize defects. Optical methods offer the advantage of visualizing the distribution of elastic waves in a non-contact manner without disturbing the elastic wave. In this work we propose a laser feedback interferometry (LFI) based system as a cost effective, non-contact, alternative to a well established laser Doppler vibrometer technique. We demonstrate the visualization of the elastic waves, using an example of an elastic wave propagating through a prismatic acrylic rod. We show that the ultra-compact and simple implementation of LFI enables accurate visualization of the elastic waves in solids, and opens the pathway to a range of new opportunities in ultrasonic non-destructive testing and evaluation.


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Karl Bertling
Martin Veidt
Julien Perchoux
Aleksandar Rakic


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