Visible and near-infrared dual band switchable metasurface edge imaging

Posted on 08.08.2022 - 15:15
Optical edge detection at visible and near infrared (VNIR) wavelengths is deployed in sectors including spectroscopy, autonomous driving, and manufacturing. In this work, we demonstrate, numerically, transmissive VNIR dual-band edge imaging with a switchable metasurface. Tunability in the metasurfaces unit cells is enabled by Sb2S3 – a low-loss phase-change material, which can be switched reversibly between crystalline and amorphous state thermally. Compared with previously reported edge imaging metasurfaces, our proposed metasurface acts simultaneously as a high-pass spatial filter and a tunable spectral filter, giving the system the freedom to switch between two functions. In Function 1 with crystalline Sb2S3, this metasurface operates in the edge detection mode near 575 nm in the visible light and blocks near infrared (NIR) transmission. In Function 2 with amorphous Sb2S3, the device images edges near 825 nm in NIR, and blocks visible light images. Switchable Sb2S3 metasurfaces allow low crosstalk edge imaging of a target without complicated optomechanics.


Chen, Guanghao; Zhou, Junxiao; Bopp, Steven; Zhao, Junxiang; Liu, Zhaowei (2022): Visible and near-infrared dual band switchable metasurface edge imaging. Optica Publishing Group. Collection.
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Guanghao Chen
Junxiao Zhou
Steven Bopp
Junxiang Zhao
Zhaowei Liu


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